The industrialization is about increasing productivity and reducing the cost associated with development of new products. It generally relies upon availability of general purpose components and technologies for integration of such components.
The mature industries have components at different levels – from low level components (like transistors) to high-level components like (memory card, video card, hard drive adaptor, etc.). The cost of development is greatly reduced when the products are assembled from more sophisticated components.
The software industry is still in early stage of industrialization. Presentation functionality is developed with low-level components like tables, hierarchical menus and other controls. Application screens are crafted individually and connected to the back-end functionality.

Shipka JDF takes software development to the next level of industrialization. It does that by providing capabilities for development of reusable (general purpose) user interface components at different levels. Developers can create components that implement single screen, part of a screen or complete workflow. Presentation components are deployed at the application context. Just like electronic components are wired to the board, presentation components are customized and wired to the application context.
Developers implement high-level presentation functionality as standalone applications and deploy them as single presentation component within other applications.


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